Artup Weekend

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Artup Weekend is a weekend-long art create-a-thon

Upcoming Events

Past Events
Washington DC - Feb 21 - Feb 23
Madison, WI - Jul 26 - Jul 28
Washington DC Gets Its License
A team headed by Brian (@twiceaswarm) is heading up the Washington DC Artup Weekend planned for February 21st. With a strong community of Makers, Entrepreneurs, and Artists, it looks like the natio...
Sep 25, 8:50pm
Artup on Facebook & Twitter
Hey Artup is on Facebook and Twitter (no duh). But still check them out. Follow/like us.
Jul 10, 12:46am
Artup Excitement
I would just like to say how excited I am for Artup to occur! I believe that there is a total dirth of resources in most cities to help creative people contribute to a place's cultural and economic ...
Jun 19, 10:06pm
FeLion Studios - an Art Product Incubator
Felion Studios - the artistic brand of local Madison artist Alisa Toninato - is launching its first product - the "Cook with Pride" skillet. Cast iron skillets in the form of the states of 'merika. But...
May 8, 7:55pm
Kickoff Event - Madison, WI
The first ever Artup Weekend is happening! Madison, WI on July 26 will be rocked by the Artup Weekend team. We are looking for sponsors and ...
Apr 12, 3:48am

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How It Works

Creative people show up
They pitch great ideas for works of art, kickstarters, and art businesses
Everyone gets


Everyone votes for projects they want to see made
Teams form around the


Funds for materials are available based on votes to those pieces


hours later
They pitch again what they did
Prizes are distributed and a gallery of the art begins.

Total: 54 hours


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